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Documents associated with the planning application you selected are listed below. These are typically stored in .pdf format to minimise the file size. Your browser may not allow you to open .tif files directly in the browser window, in which case you should choose to save the file to your computer first (e.g. right-click on the link and select 'Save Target As') and then open it using your preferred image viewing software (e.g. Windows Image Viewer).

Please note: plans, drawings, etc. for new applications are normally available online 2-3 days after the application details have been registered.

Documents associated with Planning Application, Reference ID:
20201514 2020_08_05 Access Plan 1.pdf
20201514 2020_08_05 Access Plan 2.pdf
20201514 2020_08_05 Application form.pdf
20201514 2020_08_05 Block Plan.pdf
20201514 2020_08_05 CIL Additional Information Form.pdf
20201514 2020_08_05 Covering letter.pdf
20201514 2020_08_05 Planning Support Statement.pdf
20201514 2020_09_04 Proposed Floor Plans & Elevations.pdf
20201514 2020_10_15 Consultee Comment_Honingham Parish Council.pdf
20201514 Decision.pdf
20201514 Delegated Report.pdf